25 Mar

Susan Leighton

Okay, we get it. WandaVision was a huge hit so now, Sony is combing its gigantic entertainment vault to see what story they can resurrect involving a seemingly normal suburban housewife that lives a double life. 

This is why we are getting another film based on the hit 1960’s sitcom, Bewitched. The series was such a staple of life back then that each week for eight seasons, everyone tuned in to see what adventures Samantha Stephens would get her hapless but loving husband, Darrin involved in. 

For those of you that don’t remember this Elizabeth Montgomery show, the stories revolved around a witch who was married to a clueless advertising executive who wanted nothing more than to live a normal life. Oh, and she also didn’t want to use her supernatural powers. Of course, she would invariably get thrust into some situation where she would have to break that self-imposed rule. 

While this was definitely a Top 10 hit back in the day, do modern audiences really want to see another remake? In 2005, Nora Ephron who was the high priestess of romantic comedies tried her hand at directing a version of Bewitched starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. Unfortunately, it tanked at the box office. 

Segue to 2021 and according to Deadline, the showrunners of MacGyver and 12 Monkeys, Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett are going to take a crack at re-imagining the comedy. What will make their version different from Ephron’s? They intend to follow the original series where Ephron went off the reservation by trying to make it meta where Kidman’s character was a witch who got cast in a show about a witch. 

As much as we would like to be optimistic about this project it doesn’t have the creative spark that made WandaVision so appealing. Where that effort was original, this latest incarnation of Bewitched seems well, rather bland. 

Since this news was reported yesterday, no word on who will be directing or starring in the film at present. Stay tuned…  

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