02 Mar

Susan Leighton

Bill Nye the Science Guy is getting a new series on Peacock and Seth MacFarlane is behind it. According to Deadline, both men will be executive producing, The End Is Nye for the streaming network. 

This show is going to be a dream come true for geeks everywhere because Star Trek's Brannon Braga (who was involved with MacFarlane’s Cosmos: Possible Worlds) is also on board as the showrunner and he will direct all of the episodes. Of course, with all of that talent behind the camera, there will be high expectations for Nye’s venture. 

If you enjoy watching programs like the History Channel’s Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End then The End Is Nye will be right up your alley. Each episode will deal with global disasters that are either natural or unnatural in their origins. 

There will be a plethora of topics to discuss like volcanoes, viruses, asteroids, climate change, chemical warfare and the list goes on and on. Who better to guide us through these potential cataclysms then a man who is a well-known advocate for the sciences and an Emmy winner to boot? 

One of our favorite productions that Bill was involved in was Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix. On that series which ran for three seasons, the engineer broke down global warming, the threat of artificial intelligence, the possibility of an alien invasion and surviving in a world without water. Clearly, he is up to the task at hand of tackling potential planet destroyers. 

Universal Television Alternative Studio, UCP and MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door will produce The End Is Nye. Unfortunately, since the announcement that Peacock was picking up the series occurred yesterday, there is no information available on when it will premiere.

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