09 Jan

Susan Leighton 

Bruce Campbell appeared on Wizard World's Virtual Ash vs Evil Dead reunion event yesterday along with Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago and Lee Majors where he revealed some major news about his latest horror film, Black Friday. As reported in all the trades, the actor is starring in the upcoming Casey Tebo production with Devon Sawa and Michael Jai White. 

The only item about the film that is known is the logline, ("A group of toy store employees must protect each other from a hoard of parasite infected shoppers”) which is par for the course these days. If you visit IMDb, you will see that Campbell is portraying a character named Jonathan. 

During the Q & A session, the thespian got a little more specific about his role. Apparently, he will be playing the manager of the toy store. Bruce also dropped another bombshell about the possibility of doing a drive-in tour with the flick this summer.

Last year, Campbell partnered with Grindhouse Releasing to bring Evil Dead to the Midway Drive-In and The Mahoning Drive-In Theater. As he told Diabolique Magazine

“When I heard that drive-ins were making a comeback, I thought let me be part of that. Some of them are struggling to open and I want to help. I’m tired of being on the sidelines."

That is terrific news for his followers who have been wanting the actor to appear onscreen again. Not only will they have their wish granted but they may end up seeing him live and in person! 

Until a formal announcement of the possible Black Friday tour is made, Wizard World Virtual is offering the chance for virtual photo-ops for Bruce Campbell admirers on Jan. 16 at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET. For information on how you can reserve a spot with the actor, click on the following link.

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