10 Jul

Susan Leighton

Since 2018, after the cancellation of Ash vs Evil Dead, fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Evil Dead: The Game. In June, Saber and Boss Team Games gave us a taste of what to expect with the release of the first gameplay trailer at Summer Game Fest. 

Initially, the plan was to release the project later this year. Now, according to Bruce Campbell, a target date of February 2022 has been established for the effort to be unleashed. 

The actor revealed this bit of news during a Q & A session at the Fingerlakes Drive-In in Auburn, New York on Friday night to promote the 40th anniversary of the original Evil Dead. Campbell is clearly enthusiastic about the endeavor stating that the game is “surprisingly good” and that “all you gaming bastards will be very happy for the wait.” 

According to the veteran horror icon, the reason why the release has been pushed to next year is because the developers want to do “one upgrade” to be as “bitchin’ as any other game out there.” Bruce went on to further explain the delay: 

“The problem with these games is that they make them and then the platform is outmoded. Technology, you know, it changes.”

More than likely, there will be more gameplay trailers on the horizon. Initial response to Evil Dead: The Game has been positive with fans praising the concept. We have also heard a rumor that GameStop will be taking pre-orders sometime in the future once a firm date has been announced. 

Supposedly, they will be offering some sweet pre-order bonuses which will (allegedly) be the Necronomicon steel book and playable Evil Ash. So, as the holiday season gets closer, our advice would be to monitor the retailer for further information. 

Evil Dead: The Game will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PCFor fans that would like to see Bruce Campbell live in San Antonio and Houston on July 23 and 24, click on this link for details on how to get tickets. You can also visit his website at bruce-campbell.com for future events. 

To hear what the thespian has to say about Evil Dead: The Game, go to the 1:52 mark on the video below courtesy of Gammons Gaming channel on YouTube.

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