27 May

Susan Leighton

Bruce Campbell is on fire these days. Yesterday, all of the entertainment world was buzzing with Evil Dead Rise casting news and the fact that the feature will premiere on HBO Max. Now, we get word that the busy thespian has booked another stop on his 2021 Keep Your Distance Tour. 

For those of you that aren’t able to make his show at the Finger Lakes Drive-In on July 9 in Auburn, NY, another appearance has been added in the Empire State. Fans in Middletown, NY will get to watch a double bill of Evil Dead 2 and Highly Functional with Campbell himself! 

Everyone is aware of the Sam Raimi classic second installment in his Evil Dead trilogy but not many know about Highly Functional, an indie film that Bruce made six years ago. The story about an autistic young man who kidnaps his dying guardian’s idol, a has-been country singer named Chili Youngfield (BC) for a personal performance is one that Bruce has called in interviews, a role that is “completely different” from everything he has ever done. It is great that this production is finally seeing the light of day.

The horror icon will be present at the Fair Oaks Drive-In Theatre on July 10. Unfortunately, all of the limited meet and greet photo opportunities are sold out but don’t fret, tickets are still available for the event which begins at 9:00 PM. 

Check out the pricing information below:

  • Carload (4 people max): $99.00 + $4.04 fee 
  • Additional over 4 people: $20.00 + $1.68 fee 
  • Bruce Campbell Combo 7/10/21 & Frightfest 9/4/21 Carload Combo: $149.00 + $5.53 Fee 

Of course, you can expect a rousing Q & A session with Bruce so come prepared with those insightful inquiries. For those of you coming from other parts of NY and outside of the state, the Fair Oaks Drive-In is located at 365 Bloomingburg Rd in Middletown. To obtain further information on Campbell’s gig, click on this link

Hopefully, the actor will be releasing more tour dates in the near future. Until then to keep up with his schedule, bookmark his website at bruce-campbell.com and follow him on Twitter @GroovyBruce.

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