10 Jan

Susan Leighton

Wizard World’s Virtual Ash vs Evil Dead event yesterday was a treasure trove of information for fans that have been missing the Ghostbeaters. By now, everyone has heard that Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago will be reprising their roles as Kelly and Pablo in Evil Dead: The Game

We also learned that Lee Majors is in the process of writing his autobiography and we couldn’t be more excited about that tidbit of information. As if all of those revelations weren’t enough, Bruce Campbell had a few of his own. 

During the Q & A portion of the panel, the actor was asked if there was any chance that he would make an appearance in Sam Raimi’s upcoming Marvel extravaganza, Doctor Strange 2

Jokingly, he responded: 

“If I were to answer your question, Marvel executives would swoop down, put you in a spider web and suffocate you.” 

Campbell went on to say:

 “One can make reasonable assumptions as to a long-time association with a certain friend that might make sense in a certain universe that I have been in before. So, that’s about all I can say contractually.”

What is interesting about that statement is the use of the word, “contractually.” Could Bruce be hinting that he will be making a fourth cameo for Raimi? Only time will tell… 

For those of you that have purchased his books including his latest writing effort, The Cool Side of My Pillow, the hits just keep on coming. He intends to publish more works through his Eastmoor Media company. 

Since Campbell has a “ton” of finished screenplays and movies are hard to get made, he has decided to release them as books. The idea is to issue them as novels and if anyone is interested in buying them, he can present them with a finished script. So, keep your eyes peeled!

Last and certainly not least, Bruce gave an update on The Lost Recordings, his comedy album with Ted Raimi. Currently, he is exploring options for releasing this much anticipated venture. For more information on the Ghostbeaters’ personal projects, follow Bruce Campbell on Twitter @GroovyBruce, Dana DeLorenzo @ImDanaDeLorenzo and Ray Santiago @RealRaySantiago.

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