18 Jan

Susan Leighton

When last we heard from Bruce Campbell at the Wizard World Virtual Ash vs Evil Dead reunion panel, he had plenty of projects in the works. Recently, he released an audio version of his latest literary effort, The Cool Side of My Pillow on Audible as well as Apple Books

In addition to that venture, on Jan. 23, the thespian will be hosting a world-wide watch party of Evil Dead at 9 PM. through Stellar Tickets where he will be sharing stories and memories of making the 1981 classic “splatstick” flick. 

He also expressed the hope that he would tour drive-ins at some point this year with his horror film, Black Friday. Plus, fans can look forward to more reading material from the actor’s newly formed Eastmoor Media company in the future. 

Of course, everyone is hoping to see more of him on the silver screen. His longtime pal, Sam Raimi is in London at the moment waiting to resume filming on Doctor Strange 2. Speculation has been high among Campbell’s followers that he will probably be on board in a cameo. 

The actor didn’t dispel that rumor. In fact, he hinted that it may be in the realm of possibility without giving too much information away. 

While lovers of the Evil Dead franchise are disappointed that Bruce will remain behind the scenes as a producer on Evil Dead Rise rather than star in the film, there is always the chance that he could show up on screen briefly, much like he did at the end of Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead in 2013. 

However, we have learned via a recent interview with Torg & Elliott on WLVQ this past weekend, that Campbell will be appearing on a new TV show. While he didn’t provide details, we have to admit we are curious. 

Will he be a guest star or could this be a recurring role like his 2018 turn on Lodge 49? In any event, that revelation definitely gives fans something more to look forward to from the actor in 2021. 

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