24 Feb

Susan Leighton

For four years, Bruce Campbell’s dramedy, Highly Functional has sat on the proverbial shelf. Now, it would appear that the film might be released in the U.S. and Canada this year! Variety announced that the actor would begin shooting the film in Gallup, New Mexico in 2014. Expectations were high for the production with Campbell taking to Twitter to express his enthusiasm.

So, what happened to this indie effort? The story is one that is all too familiar but before we get into that, let’s talk about the movie itself. 

Highly Functional is the tale of an autistic young man named Bobby (James Frecheville) whose guardian, Dan (G.W. Bailey) is dying. Desperate to give him a reason to live, Bobby decides to kidnap his favorite country singer, Chili Youngfield (Campbell) for a personal performance. The result is a very unusual and off-beat road trip flick where the duo meets an array of colorful characters along the way. 

Chili is a role that is unlike anything Campbell has ever played. He even sings in the film which makes this a must-see effort for all of his fans. 

At Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Con during a Q & A panel two years ago, Bruce called Highly Functional his “favorite project.” Unfortunately, the production was full of turmoil from the start. 

According to the thespian, after the shoot wrapped, Marc Forby, who directed the film was fired and then the producer quit. Eventually, they returned to the project. 

Regrettably, the behind-the-scenes upheavals caused the effort to be in limbo without a release date for what seemed like an eternity, until now. Apparently, IMDb and IMDb Pro have Highly Functional listed as possibly premiering sometime in the very near future! We have our fingers crossed that this amazing news is true. Only time will tell…  

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