15 Jan

Susan Leighton

Joaquin Phoenix is a joy to behold on screen. You could tell he was something special when he appeared in Ron Howard’s Parenthood as Garry, the troubled son of Dianne Wiest’s struggling single mom, Helen. 

After that pivotal point in his young career, the 90’s was the decade where he began to make his mark on Hollywood starring in high-profile films like Gus Van Sant’s critically acclaimed, To Die For, Oliver Stone’s quirky U Turn and Inventing the Abbotts

By the time the 2000’s rolled around, the actor found himself nominated for four Academy Awards (Gladiator, Walk the Line and The Master) finally taking home the golden statue last year for his incredible performance as Arthur Fleck in Todd Phillips’ Joker. The film was an intense psychological character study of the popular villain from the Batman series of comics. 

Although he is considered to be a tad bit eccentric after several off the wall appearances on talk shows (notably The Late Show with David Letterman), the taciturn thespian is not fond of playing the celebrity press junket game nor is he interested in being a media darling. Which is rather refreshing in this day in age. For him, it is all about his work. 

The first role that garnered serious attention for the actor was his turn as Commodus in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. Although Russell Crowe ended up taking the Oscar home for his portrayal of Maximus, Joaquin was more memorable as the morally conflicted, jealous Emperor who broke our hearts in one moment and incurred our disgust in the next. 

For years, Scott and Phoenix were searching for another opportunity to work together. According to Deadline, the stars have aligned and the pair will be teaming up once again in the Apple Studios’ production of Kitbag

Another period piece helmed by Scott; Joaquin will play Napoleon for the director under his Scott Free banner. The script is written by David Scarpa and will focus on the Emperor’s origins. 

It is Scott’s intention to dive into the volatile love story between Napoleon and his Empress, Josephine. The director believes it was the Emperor’s overwhelming passion for her that was the driving force behind his ambition to conquer the world. This definitely sounds like another potential blockbuster for the duo. 

Since this news was reported yesterday, no date has been set for principal photography. Stay tuned because there will definitely be more details forthcoming in the future on this epic venture.

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