02 Feb

Susan Leighton

Apparently, Dr. Frasier Crane might be uttering his familiar phrase, “I’m listening,” in the near future according to TV Line. The beloved 90’s sitcom, Frasier, winner of 37 Emmys might be rebooted, this time for Paramount+ (new name for CBS ALL ACCESS).   

There were rumblings back in 2018 that Kelsey Grammer was in talks to bring his popular character back to the small screen. Like everyone who is mounting a campaign to revisit a former successful series, the actor stated that if they “don’t hear a pitch that hits it out of the park, it probably won’t happen.” Michael C. Hall said practically the same thing about his upcoming Showtime revival of Dexter

While this is by no means a “done deal,” if the proposal does get a greenlight, it is expected that shooting would begin after Grammer is finished with his untitled multi-camera comedy (that just got picked up by ABC) co-starring Alec Baldwin. Of course, one of the questions that springs to mind is what can fans expect when they check in with their favorite therapist? 

For those viewers that followed the series, everyone remembers that the good Doctor left Seattle to pursue the love of his life, Charlotte (Laura Linney) in Chicago. So, logic would dictate that the new location might be the Windy City. 

Quite a bit has happened since 2004 and one of the most notable events has been the death of the wonderful John Mahoney who played patriarch, Martin Crane. It might stand to reason that the first episode would deal with the passing of Frasier and Niles’ beloved father. 

Will Kelsey be able to entice his fellow castmates to return? Currently, David Hyde Pierce is starring in the upcoming HBO Max series, Julia based on the life and times of renowned chef, Julia Child. He will be playing her husband, Paul. 

The show will begin filming in the late spring in Boston. Since it is an eight-episode order, it is highly unlikely that Pierce will return as Niles or if he does, it may be for a brief cameo. 

Niles and Daphne are married with a son, David. Which brings another interesting twist to the possible Frasier reboot, will Jane Leeves reprise her role? 

Perhaps, the younger Crane has taken a job in another state which could explain his absence. If Leeves returns as a series regular, maybe she and Niles will be separated. 

As for Roz (Peri Gilpin), she became the station manager of KACL. It doesn’t seem likely that Frasier will be returning to Seattle. If things went well between him and Charlotte, it might stand to reason that he could meet up with his old producer in Chicago. 

In any event, if this show does become a reality, they will probably have to tie up a few loose ends and introduce new characters which might not sit too well with fans because they always want the originals to return full-time. Obviously, there is interest in Frasier otherwise it wouldn’t even be considered by Paramount+. 

Until official word is received from the streaming service, everything is just speculation. It may be a while before we hear Kelsey Grammer’s dulcet tones crooning the Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs theme song.

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