01 Apr

Susan Leighton

While Sharon Stone was doing the press junket for her book, The Beauty of Living Twice she revealed to Insider some very interesting tidbits about her experience as a producer on the 1995 film, The Quick and the Dead. At the time, the actress was a proven box office entity with several bona fide hits on her resume as well as kudos from critics for her work in Martin Scorsese’s Casino

So, you would think that a studio would trust her instincts when it came to calling the shots on a movie that she was shepherding. However, that wasn’t the case. 

Everyone that is a fan of Sam Raimi probably assumed that he was TriStar Pictures first choice to helm Ms. Stone’s project. Apparently, he was not. 

According to the thespian, she had to fight for him to be behind the camera and from her recollections, the arguments must have been contentious. Unfortunately, because Raimi was coming from the world of genre films with the Evil Dead trilogies under his belt, the powers that be at the studio deemed him to be a “D-movie director.” 

Evidently, they didn’t do any research into his background as a creative because the original Evil Dead was a box office success. Even though Raimi had a solid cult following, that didn’t matter since executives are more interested in marquee names that appeal to mainstream audiences.   

So, how did Sam Raimi get the gig? Ms. Stone states that she told the powers that be at TriStar that he would “work nearly for free” to entice them to hire him. 

Unfortunately, Raimi wasn’t the only battle that the performer would have to fight. She believed in Leonardo DiCaprio’s talent as an actor so much that she ended up paying him out of her own salary to get him onboard. 

Sharon Stone’s memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice is currently available for purchase at Amazon.

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