01 Mar

Susan Leighton

We never thought we would be reporting news like this but Sissy Spacek and Ed O’Neill are joining forces to star in a brand-new science-fiction series for Amazon. According to Variety, the show is called Lightyears and will begin filming later this year. 

The plot sounds promising. Irene (Spacek) and Franklin (O’Neill) York have a secret buried in their backyard. It is a chamber that transports them to an odd, deserted planet. 

Of course, they don’t know much about the bizarre object and how it works but when a compelling stranger enters their lives, they find out that their underground portal might have more to it than meets the eye. 

Could it be a spaceship? Perhaps, the young man they “meet” might be a former inhabitant of the other world. Unfortunately, we will have to wait to find out! 

Ms. Spacek has been lighting up the small screen recently with tour de force performances in Homecoming (Amazon), the now defunct Castle Rock (Hulu) and Bloodlines (Netflix). While Ed O’Neill is an old familiar face on our TVs having just finished an epic 11 season run on Modern Family as patriarch, Jay Pritchett. 

Prior to that outstanding role, he came to fame playing harried head of the Bundy household, Al in Married with Children. Personally, we loved his version of the old police classic, Dragnet but alas, that never took off. 

Holden Miller (the son of comedian Dennis Miller) is the writer and executive producer of Lightyears while veteran producer Daniel C. Connolly (The Son, Into the Badlands and Colony) will be the showrunner. The sci-fi series is a co-production between Amazon and Legendary Television (Carnival Row, Paper Girls). Hopefully, we will hear more details about this exciting venture in the near future.

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