12 Apr

Susan Leighton

Hard to believe but Johnny Depp has been an actor for almost four decades. However, he didn't always want to end up on film.

Originally, he came to Los Angeles to be a rock star. Depp's die hard fans know his passion for music.

Sometimes it takes a village to help someone achieve their goals and in Johnny's case, that familiar phrase rings true. The future box office king had several people who put him on the path to stardom.

In 1983, Depp married make-up artist, Lori Anne Allison. His wife introduced him to her close friend, Nicolas Cage.

At that time, Cage was an up and coming thespian. According to Paper Magknowing that Johnny was new in town and unemployed, Nic pulled a few strings and got his new friend an audition for an upcoming horror flick.

The movie was A Nightmare on Elm Street directed by none other than Wes Craven. Impressed with Depp's reading, it came down to Johnny and another actor for the role of Glen Lantz, the boyfriend of lead character, Nancy Thompson (played by Heather Langenkamp).

So, Craven asked his teenage daughter which actor was more attractive. Needless to say, Johnny got the part and the rest is history.

After his debut, Depp landed a starring role on the hit TV series, 21 Jump Street. He was so popular that it was only a matter of time before he lit up the silver screen again.

This time he would star in Edward Scissorhands for Tim Burton. After his successful turn as the titular character, the actor became the quirky director's muse. The duo who became close friends would go on to work together eight times.

What's next for the talented Mr. Depp? He will be lending his voice to the animated Italian television miniseries Puffins as Johnny Puffins.

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