18 Jan

Susan Leighton

In 2014, William Shatner appeared on Larry King Now where he was asked by the veteran talk show host whether or not he believed in UFOs. The actor began to recount the story of John Mack who was a tenured Harvard professor (and the subject of the Richard Crenna 1992 TV movie, Intruders) and the former dean of the Department of Psychiatry at the university’s medical school. 

Dr. Mack became well-known after his work with alien abductees. Through his research, he was able to conclude that his patients were not victims of a mass hallucination. In fact, he believed that they were definitely experiencing the same incidents. 

The professor’s theory revolved around the concept that extraterrestrials were actually beings from another realm or dimension. Mr. Shatner shares his opinion and at the time of his interview with King, he was penning a science fiction novel about UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). 

For fans of Star Trek, it isn’t surprising that the actor would have an open mind when it comes to paranormal phenomenon. The subject obviously fascinates him which is why he was tapped to be the host of the History Channel series, The UnXplained which recently began its third season on the network. 

Now, it has been announced that Mr. Shatner will be joining Giorgio Tsoukalos and his team of experts for a two-hour special presentation of Ancient Aliens. We’re not going to lie; this event is making us extremely giddy. 

Apparently, the thespian will be asking “thought provoking” questions about ETs and their purpose for visiting the planet. He is curious about their agenda. 

Perhaps he will find the answers that he is seeking when Ancient Aliens airs on February 12 at 9 PM on the History Channel.

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